EPA ENERGY STAR version 3.0 Rater Training Course

This 2-day course is required by the EPA for all Home Energy Raters who provide testing, inspections and program administration for the EPA’s new versions 2.5/3.0 of ENERGY STAR. Students will learn essential program requirements for builder’s to participate, how to qualify homes using the new ENERGY STAR reference design specifications, and specific details that make-up the new ENERGY STAR Thermal Enclosure, HVAC and Water Management Checklists. ” [more]

Home Energy Rater Training Course

This 5-day course will prepare attendees to take the RESNET® National Home Energy Rater Exam and complete 2 of 5 probationary ratings required for certification as a Home Energy Rater. The Rater Exam is administered on the final day of the course and the 2 probationary ratings must be... [more].