EPA ENERGY STAR version 3.0 Rater Training Course


This 2-day course is required by the EPA for all Home Energy Raters who provide testing, inspections and program administration for the EPA’s new versions 2.5/3.0  of ENERGY STAR. Students will learn essential program requirements for builder’s to participate, how to qualify homes using the new ENERGY STAR reference design specifications, and specific details that make-up the new ENERGY STAR Thermal Enclosure, HVAC and Water Management Checklists. Additionally, Daran Wastchak will share lessons learned and best practices developed while working with the EPA on the final details of version 3.0 since initial public launch to the public in April of 2010  as well working with some of the nation’s largest production builders to integrate ENERGY STAR version 3.0 into their building practices. See “Instructor Background.”

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Training Schedule