Arizona Code Compliance Training

The goals of the Arizona Energy Code Training program are to:

  • Understand the current state of code compliance and where compliance gaps exist.
  • Understand why code compliance is important to residents of a building. 
  • Improve compliance in areas that hold large savings potential with training. 

This free education opportunity is made possible through funding awarded to the Institute for Market Transformation from the U.S. Department of Energy, Award Number DE-EE0008701.

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Code Compliance Training

Lesson 1:  Understand how buildings should be constructed to maximize energy efficiency to improve indoor comfort, health, and utility bill savings for residents. 


Lesson 2:  Review how insulation should be installed to meet code requirements and to ensure occupants are comfortable.


Lesson 3: Learn best practices for installing duct work so that heating and cooling is delivered throughout a home efficiently and maximizes the comfort of those living in the home.


Lesson 1 - Building Science Basics

Learning Objectives:

  • Reflect on the energy code non-compliance issues that cost Arizona home buyers the most.
  • Review heat flow basic concepts.
  • Learn how heat flow applies to a building envelope.
  • Learn how heat flow applies to ductwork and duct leaks.
  • Understand why a person can feel hot or cold when the air temperature is comfortable when sitting by a window.


Lesson 2 - Insulation Installation Best Practices

     Part 1 - Problems Caused by Incorrectly Installed Insulation

     Part 2 - How to Install Insulation Correctly


Learning Objectives:

  • Understand the importance of insulation in a home and why correct installation of insulation is critical to residents.
  • Understand how insulation works.
  • Review how to install batt insulation around obstacles in wall cavities, ceiling and floor joists.
  • Understand why there can be plenty of attic insulation, but the ceiling is functionally not insulated.
  • Learn ways to ensure adequate insulation is installed in attics.
  • Recognize two common attic insulation problems right from the attic hatch.
  • Understand alternate ways to comply with energy code insulation requirements that might allow for less insulation to be installed.


Lesson 3 - Duct Installation Best Practices

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand why sealing ducts and air handlers is critical to residents.
  • Identify the most common connections that are not sealed.
  • Review the correct materials for sealing ducts.
  • Learn how to apply sealants to duct connections.
  • Understand why it is important to evaluate where to install attic ducts.
  • Understand why sealing and insulating a platform return in a garage is one of the most important details to complete.
  • Create a process to ensure all connections are properly sealed.
  • Identify the best time to schedule duct leakage testing.
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