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What you learn will make you think twice about how you design, build, sell and inspect homes.... and about your own home too!

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One objective!

Taking your level of knowledge about energy efficient home design and construction to a much higher level!

The Basics of
Building Science

A foundational understanding of how buildings work as a "system" to maximize energy efficiency, comfort, durability, and safety.

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Energy Efficiency
Building Codes

Greater knowledge about the minimum standards for designing and building homes required by the national building codes.

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Energy Efficiency
Products & Programs

The most popular energy efficiency programs and products available to consumers, and some innovative ones you've never heard of.

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A class just for REALTORS®!

A special class designed to give REALTORS just what they need to talk confidently about energy efficient, green home features.

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What you can expect from a
Learning Edge class?

Tons of Content

Bring your pen and paper (or open a doc to type in) because you'll need it!  A little like drinking from a fire hose, but we promise not to drown you.  Handouts to follow along during class and copies of the presentation are always made available to attendees to refer back to after class.

Interesting not Boring

Every class is fast paced with a mixture of text and lots of pictures and graphics, all designed to make the valuable information you're learning interesting, digestible, and even entertaining.  Attendees remain engaged with polls, hand raising, and time allowed for Q&A.


Most of what you learn will be something that you can use or apply right away, not only in your professional life, but also your personal life.  You won't think about the buildings where you work, live, shop or dine in the same way ever again.  That's a promise!

What are people saying?

“Daran is absolutely as effective and knowledgeable as anyone I have ever seen in this field.  His presentation was awesome!”

Jacky Dixon
One AZ Homes

“Probably the most knowledgeable guy I have ever heard relative to this subject. Great pictures and stories, which are always better than hypothetical ones.”

Mark Dorman

“This was the most comprehensive, no-nonsense, high quality presentation I have been to regarding energy codes.”

Joe Hernandez
Value Added Code Consulting

"Daran is an amazing speaker with a talent for delivering information that is digestible and entertaining. He has the ability to teach from a different angle with different viewpoints. I would highly recommend anyone in this field to sign up for one of his classes as he is clearly an expert with a passion to teach!"

Brian Tardif
City of Casa Grande

Daran Wastchak is the President of Learning Edge, LLC a firm that specializes in residential energy efficiency training and building science consulting.  He was a key implementer of the EPA’s ENERGY STAR for Homes program for over 20 years, he has helped solve warranty issues for hundreds of homes with high utility bills and comfort issues, and he has trained thousands of individuals on the basics of building science, energy efficiency for buildings, energy efficiency programs, and energy codes. (Learn more)

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