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In this class, you will be learning more about the history and best applications for the AeroSeal and AeroBarrier products, as well as which builders are using them to achieve significantly tighter ducts and building envelopes. (Full Class description)

On-Demand Class Sponsor:  Aeroseal

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In this information packed class you will learn why HRV/ERVs are considered "the best" ventilation strategy, why this strategy is required in the coldest climates, and much, much more! (Full Class description)

On-Demand Class Sponsor:  Greenheck

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Learn exactly how and why HercuWall is described as "common materials used in extraordinary ways." (Full Class description)

On-Demand Class Sponsor:  HeruTech

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Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs)

In this class you will learn how structural insulated panels (SIPs) are a solution to many of the challenges that the construction industry faces today. (Full Class description)

On-Demand Class Sponsor:  Premier SIPs

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“Having access to these experts sharing their knowledge is so helpful to the public, homeowners, and others in the industry!”

Frances Ann Miller

Phil's presentation on SIPs opened my eyes to a home building process I have never even considered before. After hearing his presentation, I think I've decided how to build my next home!”

Jason Jacobs

“Its important to stay with the moving trends in energy efficiency. This class was great because it demonstrated examples of different climate products and fuel usage price comparisons.”

Kelia Bravo

Once again, a lot of good product information from knowledgeable presenters that answered a lot of my questions around the use of cellulose insulation. The carbon footprint aspect was especially important.”

Mary L. Townsend

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