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"Daran can take complex information and break it down for easy understanding plus he is a master at presenting, keeping your attention, and providing quality up to date information.

Frances A Miller

Daran has a knowledge base that is both broad and deep and presents the material in a very accessible way.

Jim Pitts
Pima County Development Services

Daran always brings fresh, up-to-date information to his classes. I always learn something new.

Kim Elliott

Classes with Daran are always a pleasant learning experience! I enjoy the way the presentations flow; each topic is covered for an adequate amount of time and questions asked are always thoroughly answered.

Abigail Burson
Capitol Light

Daran brings an outstanding amount of experience and knowledge to the subject matter and includes lots of real-world examples. He's an outstanding presenter - clear, concise, easy to understand.

Tom Abraham
Fulton Homes Corporation

Daran's classes are like loose fill insulation, they fill in all the knowledge gaps and voids about heat flow and thermal efficiency. I highly recommend taking these classes more than once.

Mike Billingsley
Arizona Pipe Trades Apprenticeship

Daran is an extremely effective digital presenter - much more engaging than others I've seen. His classes are full of real-world, tangible examples. I've learned so much from him!

Jacqui Bauer

Listening to Daran is like drinking from a fire hydrant with all things energy related to the building industry. LOVE his teaching style, superb instructor!

Rebecca Hidalgo Rains
Kismet Alternative Construction

Daran is a fantastic teacher. He is easy to understand and explains everything in a clear and concise way.

Daniel Ice
Pima County

As a first time participant on this topic, I found the material was concise and easy to understand.

Cathy Wood
Tri Pointe Homes Purchasing

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