Sponorship Opportunities for

Learning Edge Product Spotlight Classes!

Sponsorships Include:

  • Live Session – 30 minute interview and Q&A about your product shared with the Learning Edge audience.

  • On-Demand Session - Your live session will be turned into an On-Demand session, available 24/7 for viewing inside the Learning Edge Academy.

  • Updated Session – With a sponsorship renewal:
    a.  Complete a new 30 minute interview and Q&A about your product.
    b.  The new session can replace the on-demand session in the Learning Edge Product Spotlight portfolio available for students.

  • Promotions  – Exclusive promotional email to our mailing list of students promoting:
    a.  Your live Product Spotlight 30-minute presentation.
    b.  Your sponsorship.
    c.  The launch of your new class On-Demand.
    d.  Social media promotions.

  • Logo – Your logo and sponsorship acknowledgement:
    a.  In Promotional Emails.
    b.  In social media promotions.
    c.  On the cover slide and ending slide of On-Demand class presentation.
    d.  On the Product Spotlight On-Demand class page on the Learning Edge website.

  • Acknowledgement – On the Learning Edge Partner Page: click here to view

Promotional Information:

  • Audience – Learning Edge’s audience includes home builders, trade contractors, architects, engineers, building code officials, building plans examiners, home inspectors, RESNET Raters, BPI Analysts, and REALTORS.

  • Mailing List – The Learning Edge email list is over 1,000 subscribers and growing. Our email open rate is between 33-37%.

  • Social Media – Learning Edge does a lot of promotion on LinkedIn and other social media and has a robust list of followers which is growing every month.

  • Marketing Staff – Learning Edge has a full-time dedicated sales and marketing person who focuses on promoting and recruiting students to take Product Showcase and other Learning Edge classes. We encourage and welcome collaboration with your marketing team to help promote your on-demand Product Showcase class.

Your Investment:

  • Initial 12-month sponsorship:  $1,250
  • Sponsorship renewals:
    a.  With new 30-minue live session:  $1,250
    a.  Without new 30-minute session:  $750
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What are people saying about Learning Edge classes...

“Having access to these experts sharing their knowledge is so helpful to the public, homeowners, and others in the industry!”

Frances Ann Miller

Phil's presentation on SIPs opened my eyes to a home building process I have never even considered before. After hearing his presentation, I think I've decided how to build my next home!”

Jason Jacobs

“Its important to stay with the moving trends in energy efficiency. This class was great because it demonstrated examples of different climate products and fuel usage price comparisons.”

Kelia Bravo

Once again, a lot of good product information from knowledgeable presenters that answered a lot of my questions around the use of cellulose insulation. The carbon footprint aspect was especially important.”

Mary L. Townsend

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